The Little Sisters of Eluria

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This is The Little Sisters of Eluria audiobook (rate button is after the title, please rate and leave a comment to share your thoughts. If the the description is missing, we will update soon or you can share anything you know about this audios it in comments section. Thank @Patricia for sharing this audios). Lets play The Little Sisters of Eluria full audios free online in the audio player below.


The Little Sisters of Eluria is a novella written by Stephen King, which was first published in 1998 as part of the collection, Everything’s Eventual. The story is set in the world of The Dark Tower series and follows the adventures of Roland Deschain, the last gunslinger, as he travels through a desolate wasteland in search of the Dark Tower. The audiobook version of The Little Sisters of Eluria is narrated by George Guidall and was released in 2003.

The story begins with Roland being attacked by a group of mutants known as slow mutants. He is badly injured and left for dead, but is rescued by a group of nuns known as the Little Sisters of Eluria. The nuns take him back to their infirmary and nurse him back to health. However, Roland soon realizes that something is not quite right with the nuns and the infirmary.

As Roland recovers, he begins to notice strange things happening around him. He sees the nuns performing strange rituals and hears them whispering in a language he does not understand. He also discovers that the infirmary is full of strange machines and devices that seem to be keeping the nuns alive.

Roland’s suspicions are confirmed when he discovers that the nuns are not human, but rather, they are vampires. They have been using the infirmary to keep themselves alive and to feed on the blood of their patients. Roland realizes that he is in grave danger and must find a way to escape before it is too late.

The audiobook version of The Little Sisters of Eluria is a gripping and suspenseful tale that keeps the listener on the edge of their seat. George Guidall’s narration is superb, bringing the story to life with his rich and expressive voice. He captures the essence of Roland’s character perfectly, conveying his strength, determination, and vulnerability with ease.

One of the strengths of the audiobook version of The Little Sisters of Eluria is the way in which it immerses the listener in the world of The Dark Tower. Stephen King’s writing is vivid and descriptive, painting a picture of a desolate and dangerous world that is both fascinating and terrifying. Guidall’s narration enhances this sense of immersion, drawing the listener into the story and making them feel as though they are right there with Roland, experiencing everything he experiences.

Another strength of the audiobook is the way in which it explores the themes of mortality and the human condition. Roland is a complex and multi-dimensional character, and his experiences in the infirmary force him to confront his own mortality and the fragility of human life. The Little Sisters of Eluria is a story about survival, but it is also a story about what it means to be human and the lengths we will go to in order to stay alive.

The Little Sisters of Eluria is a must-read for fans of The Dark Tower series, and the audiobook version is an excellent way to experience the story. George Guidall’s narration is top-notch, and the story itself is a gripping and suspenseful tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Whether you are a longtime fan of Stephen King or a newcomer to his work, The Little Sisters of Eluria is a story that is not to be missed.

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