Jarka Ruus

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This is Jarka Ruus audiobook (rate this post or leave a comment to share your opinion about this audios, and if you have more information about this audios please leave comments to share. Thank @Kathryn for sharing this audios). Lets play Jarka Ruus full audios free online in the audio player below.


Jarka Ruus is the first book in the High Druid of Shannara trilogy by Terry Brooks. The audiobook version of the novel is narrated by Phil Gigante and lasts for approximately 14 hours and 6 minutes. The audiobook was released in 2004 by Brilliance Audio.

The story of Jarka Ruus takes place in the Four Lands, a world that is inhabited by humans, elves, dwarves, and other magical creatures. The novel follows the journey of Pen Ohmsford, a young man who is the last surviving member of the Ohmsford family. Pen is a descendant of the legendary hero, Shea Ohmsford, who played a pivotal role in the defeat of the Warlock Lord in the original Shannara trilogy.

The novel begins with Pen living a quiet life in the village of Shady Vale. However, his peaceful existence is disrupted when a mysterious woman named Grianne Ohmsford arrives in the village. Grianne is Pen’s aunt, but she is also known as the Ilse Witch, a powerful sorceress who was believed to have been killed years ago. Grianne is now under the control of the Jarka Ruus, a group of demon-worshipping Druids who seek to use her powers for their own purposes.

Grianne is taken away by the Jarka Ruus, and Pen sets out on a quest to rescue her. He is joined on his journey by Khyber Elessedil, a young elf who is the granddaughter of the Ard Rhys, the leader of the Druids. Khyber is also seeking to rescue her grandmother, who has been captured by the Jarka Ruus.

As Pen and Khyber travel through the Four Lands, they encounter a variety of obstacles and challenges. They are pursued by the Jarka Ruus, who are determined to capture Grianne and prevent her from being rescued. They also encounter a group of trolls who are hostile to humans and elves, as well as a group of nomads who are searching for a new home.

Throughout their journey, Pen and Khyber develop a close relationship, and they begin to realize that they have feelings for each other. However, their romance is complicated by the fact that they come from different races and have different cultural backgrounds.

As they approach the Jarka Ruus stronghold, Pen and Khyber are joined by a group of allies, including a dwarf named Tagwen and a human named Cinnaminson. Together, they launch a daring assault on the Jarka Ruus fortress, hoping to rescue Grianne and defeat the demon-worshipping Druids.

The audiobook version of Jarka Ruus is narrated by Phil Gigante, who does an excellent job of bringing the story to life. Gigante’s narration is clear and engaging, and he does a great job of capturing the different voices and personalities of the various characters.

One of the strengths of the audiobook version of Jarka Ruus is the way that it brings the world of the Four Lands to life. Brooks has created a rich and detailed world, filled with a variety of different races and cultures. Gigante’s narration helps to bring this world to life, making it easy for listeners to imagine the different landscapes and creatures that populate the Four Lands.

Another strength of the audiobook is the way that it captures the emotional depth of the story. Jarka Ruus is a novel that deals with themes of love, loss, and betrayal, and Gigante’s narration helps to convey the emotional weight of these themes. He does an excellent job of capturing the different emotions of the characters, from Pen’s determination to rescue his aunt to Khyber’s conflicted feelings about her own heritage.

Overall, the audiobook version of Jarka Ruus is an excellent adaptation of Terry Brooks’ novel. Phil Gigante’s narration is engaging and immersive, and he does an excellent job of bringing the world of the Four Lands to life. Whether you are a fan of the Shannara series or are new to the world of Terry Brooks, Jarka Ruus is a novel that is well worth experiencing in audiobook form.

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