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This is DIE TRYING audiobook (rate button is after the title, please rate and leave a comment to share your thoughts. If the the description is missing, we will update soon or you can share anything you know about this audios it in comments section. Thank @Donald for sharing this audios). Lets play DIE TRYING full audios free online in the audio player below.


DIE TRYING is a thriller novel written by Lee Child, which was published in 1998. The novel is the second book in the Jack Reacher series, and it follows the story of Jack Reacher, a former military police officer who is now a drifter. The audiobook version of DIE TRYING is narrated by Jonathan McClain, and it was released in 2012.

The story of DIE TRYING begins with Jack Reacher hitchhiking his way through the state of Colorado. He is picked up by a woman named Holly Johnson, who is driving a blue Chevy van. Holly is a young, attractive woman who works for the FBI. She is on her way to a meeting with her boss in Denver when she offers Reacher a ride.

As they are driving, Holly and Reacher are suddenly ambushed by a group of men who force them into the back of the van at gunpoint. The men are part of a militia group called the Montana Militia, and they are planning to use Holly as leverage to get their leader, Beau Borken, released from prison.

Reacher and Holly are taken to a remote ranch in Montana, where they are held captive by the militia. The ranch is heavily guarded, and the two hostages are constantly watched by armed guards. Reacher and Holly soon realize that they are in a dangerous situation, and they must find a way to escape before it’s too late.

The audiobook version of DIE TRYING is a gripping and suspenseful thriller that keeps the listener on the edge of their seat. Jonathan McClain’s narration is excellent, and he does a great job of bringing the characters to life. His voice is clear and easy to understand, and he does a great job of conveying the tension and excitement of the story.

One of the things that makes DIE TRYING such a great audiobook is the character of Jack Reacher. Reacher is a complex and intriguing character who is both tough and vulnerable. He is a man who has seen and experienced a lot in his life, and he is not afraid to take risks to protect those he cares about.

Holly Johnson is also a great character in the audiobook. She is a strong and intelligent woman who is determined to survive and escape from her captors. She and Reacher form a strong bond as they work together to find a way out of their dangerous situation.

The Montana Militia is a terrifying group of villains in the audiobook. They are a group of heavily armed and dangerous men who are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. Their leader, Beau Borken, is a charismatic and ruthless man who is willing to sacrifice anyone to achieve his objectives.

The plot of DIE TRYING is fast-paced and exciting. The story is full of twists and turns, and the listener never knows what is going to happen next. The tension builds throughout the audiobook, and the climax is both thrilling and satisfying.

One of the things that sets DIE TRYING apart from other thrillers is its attention to detail. Lee Child has done an excellent job of researching the militia movement and the tactics they use. The audiobook is full of accurate and detailed descriptions of weapons, tactics, and military equipment.

Another great thing about the audiobook version of DIE TRYING is its production value. The sound quality is excellent, and the music and sound effects add to the tension and excitement of the story. The audiobook is also well-paced, and the chapters flow smoothly from one to the next.

Overall, DIE TRYING is an excellent audiobook that is sure to thrill and entertain listeners. The story is exciting and suspenseful, the characters are well-developed and interesting, and the production value is top-notch. If you are a fan of thrillers or the Jack Reacher series, then you should definitely check out the audiobook version of DIE TRYING.

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