An Echo in the Bone

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This is An Echo in the Bone audiobook (rate button is after the title, please rate and leave a comment to share your thoughts. If the the description is missing, we will update soon or you can share anything you know about this audios it in comments section. Thank @Larry for sharing this audios). Lets play An Echo in the Bone full audios free online in the audio player below.


An Echo in the Bone is the seventh book in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. The audiobook version of the novel is narrated by Davina Porter, who has narrated all of the previous books in the series. The audiobook is approximately 45 hours long and was released in 2009.

The novel continues the story of Claire and Jamie Fraser, a time-traveling couple who have been through many adventures together. The story is set in the 18th century, during the American Revolution. The novel also follows the story of their daughter Brianna and her husband Roger, who are living in the 20th century.

The audiobook version of An Echo in the Bone is a masterful performance by Davina Porter. Her narration brings the characters to life and makes the story even more engaging. Her ability to switch between different accents and voices is impressive, and she captures the emotions of the characters perfectly.

The novel is divided into multiple storylines, each following a different character. The main storyline follows Claire and Jamie as they navigate the dangers of the American Revolution. They are trying to stay neutral in the conflict, but their actions are constantly putting them in danger. They are also dealing with the fact that their son, who they thought was dead, is actually alive and fighting on the opposite side of the war.

The other storyline follows Brianna and Roger as they try to find a way to travel back in time to be with Claire and Jamie. They are also dealing with their own personal struggles, including Brianna’s pregnancy and Roger’s PTSD from his time in the 18th century.

One of the strengths of the audiobook version of An Echo in the Bone is the way that Davina Porter is able to switch between these different storylines seamlessly. She is able to keep the listener engaged in each storyline and make sure that they don’t get lost in the multiple plot threads.

Another strength of the audiobook is the way that it captures the historical setting of the novel. The American Revolution is a complex and fascinating period of history, and Gabaldon does an excellent job of bringing it to life in her novel. Porter’s narration adds to this by capturing the different accents and dialects of the characters, making the listener feel like they are really in the 18th century.

The novel also has a strong emotional core, and this is something that is captured well in the audiobook. The relationships between the characters are complex and nuanced, and Porter is able to capture the different emotions that the characters are feeling. Whether it is the love between Claire and Jamie, the tension between Brianna and Roger, or the anger and frustration of the characters as they deal with the war, Porter is able to bring these emotions to life in her narration.

One of the criticisms of the novel is that it is too long and has too many plot threads. This is something that is also true of the audiobook version. At 45 hours long, it is a significant time commitment, and some listeners may find it difficult to keep track of all of the different storylines. However, for fans of the series, this is unlikely to be a problem, as they will be invested in the characters and the story.

The audiobook version of An Echo in the Bone is a masterful performance by Davina Porter. Her narration brings the characters to life and captures the historical setting of the novel. The emotional core of the novel is also captured well in the audiobook, making it a compelling listen for fans of the series. While the length of the audiobook may be a challenge for some listeners, for fans of the series, it is a must-listen.

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